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Adventure is something that describes me very well. When I was a kid I grew up in a small town with a big and forgotten castle near, Castelul Huniade. As kids, we made up stories in the castle and lived through them. During school breaks I was mainly away to the countryside, playing with animals, with friends in the sunlight, there was nothing more I could have wanted.

When I grew up I tried to fit into the world, getting an education, a job (writing, photographing and extreme sports are my hobbies), and never forgetting to have fun. For my soul I have found that experiences, not things, make me fell alive. Sharing them with people I love is what life is all about.

In my travels I’ve been to Europe in Hungary, Croatia, Monte Negro, Italy, Greece, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Andorra and of course, in wonderful Romania. Maybe I am being one sided, but my country’s nature and values (where they still remain intact) are the most authentic so far.

I’ve also traveled to Africa, Senegal. I found it to be a rewarding experience with beautiful wildlife and sensitive people. Getting in touch with nature and with people who work along with it is wonderful. It’s really a therapeutic experience. Seeing others, humble people, good at heart who will share their little with you, touches a cord and heals the gap between our busy minds and fragile soul.

So when you travel don’t just sit comfortable in a Hilton’s hotel room, they’re the same in every corner of the world. Try an authentic experience if you go half way around the world. Let go and live with the people, share their meals, speak with your heart open and you will grow. Really discover something new, a piece of the puzzle of life is surely to fit in. There are so many great things to see and do out there!

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