Carol Huang


I am a Taiwanese traveler living in Shanghai, always dreaming of myself as a full-time traveler; I am always on the road, searching for the beauty of life. I used to live and work in Macao, Romania and United States.

I have traveled on four continents and experienced various things. I canoed while the sunset and moonrise occurred at the same time in Yellow Stone National’s Park, I saw plenty of dragons from ancient times on Komodo Island, I danced with the locals in Cambodian streets, I ran into a bear in the middle of the mountain in Romania, one night I ended up sleeping at McDonald’s and in a park in Sevilla, I stayed with other 12 people from 10 different countries in an unknown apartment in San Francisco, I hitchhiked across three states in USA,  I got myself deeply lost in the dynamic Barcelona, I was asked for my pictures by a travel magazine while in Slovenia and I have found that every goodbye is the toughest decision to be made.

My dreams are to travel to Africa, South America and the Middle East.

I want to see the wild animal migration in Masaai Mara National Park in Kenya, to dance Samba in Brazil, to take Spanish classes in Colombia, I want to swim with the “Nemo” fish in Tetiaroa atoll, to ride a camel after spending a few nights in the Egyptian desert and to explore the mysterious Iran.

My journey is still continuing, my aim is always to find the Balance of Life, to learn more about the cultures, to experience diversity and to embrace the difference.

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