Florentina Cristina Catrinaru
Garlic Trail expert


I grew up in a city flat, but, as I wasn’t happy about it, I tried to build my own house in a tree, in the Botanical Garden of Iasi, North of Romania. Later I wanted to see more of this world and the escape was deeper. I wanted to bring home with me memories of the places I was travel to, so I decided to go for a photography workshop. Later, wherever I went, I added photography sessions in my travels.

I was impressed by the icebergs in Iceland and by a vulcano crater at Ngoro Ngoro in Tanzania, I was touched by the baby elephants affection’s needs while in their orphanage in Sri Lanka, but as well by the warmth of the locals. I felt totally relaxed when I visited the dunes sand and watched the seals in  New Zealand or when I was embraced by the electrical jade waters of the remote island Nackshadweep in India.

I watched the clearest sky on a Brazilian night during a 42 hours ride to Iguazu Waterfalls and I slept outside in a tent while there was a leopard presence warning available while in Masaai Mara National Park in Kenya.

I want to witness the loneliness of the Mongolian wildness, to trek on Fitz Roy Mount in Patagonia, to walk through the desert and the lost city in Namibia and to feel the Caribbean vibe in the streets of Havana. However, for me, destination comes second, first is about enjoying the ride…

In my travels I prefer to explore as much as possible by myself so I could connect much deeply with the place. I might not be good at describing through words a place or a feeling, but, instead, I hope my photos will do that.

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