Contemporary Mexico is a sizable country of contrasts, contradictions and rich culture. It is one of the world’s great civilizations, and home to many advanced Mesoamerican cultures such as Maya or Aztec. Mexico’s mingling of indigenous and Spanish influences has affected much of its culture and many of its traditions and they play an important role in defining the country’s collective vibrant community.

Mexico is a truly diverse country, with landscapes ranging from the deserts of the north, to the mayan villages and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean coast. It can be an endless adventure. You can climb volcanoes, trek in a jungle, swim in a cave, dive in the Caribbean reefs or watch a whale, you can learn how to make a good tequila from the farmers, or join a pueblo fiesta after hopping on a rural bus packed with noisy chickens.

In Yucatan Peninsula, the colonial churches and the impressive ancient Mayan pyramids, gives you the feeling of stepping back in time. Nearby, miles of white sand beaches and turquoise waters spread on Rivera coastline, offers a glimpse of Caribbean vibe.

Chiapas state is brimming with archaeological and natural wonders, while Oaxaca is Mexico’s creative hub and home to the country’s most vibrant art scene, with lively and colorful festivals. Its fabulous Pacific coast offers the possibility to watch dolphins after having a surfing session.

The Baja peninsula particularly impress with stunning landscapes where the desert meets the sea. Here, as mostly everywhere on the Pacific coast, there are plenty of good spots for adventurous watersports like surfing, diving, or for whale watching.

But Mexico is also about its warm inhabitants and their welcoming attitude. Hosting fiestas at their homes and making visitors feel comfortable, is a large part of their values and customs. In plazas, charming Mariachi, wearing sophisticated suits and hats, are playing with passion at violins, guitars and trumpets. And even if, generally speaking, life in the cities became much modern, in the rural country, Mexicans still follow the traditional way of life. There, time just seems to slow down, and timetables are less important than sharing feelings and stories with others.The spirit of true latin atmosphere is there…

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