Ng Siew Cheng
Garlic Trail expert

I was born and raised in a small town located in the southern part of Malaysia called Kluang. This is the place where the most popular local coffee is produced. Malaysia’s rich multi-cultural background transformed me into a gastronomic, coffee, beer and wine lover. From this came my biggest passion, the opportunity of traveling.
My journeys started at the age of 14, when I organized my first international trip to Singapore. From then I knew I wanted to be a travel planner. And I did. Professionally, my career revolved around the industry of tourism and traveling. I had the ‘dream job’ of any travel planner; on-board sponsored trips and luxury experiences by various airlines and tourism boards worldwide, to the extent I’ve visited at 1/3 of the cities in China and even had a glimpse of North Korea. Afterward, I took a career break, and I backpacked to New Zealand for 33 days. Indeed, it was an unforgettable journey.
Currently, I am lecturing in a university where I continue to nurture my student’s knowledge of the industry. Along with my students, we are highly involved in various local community projects in helping aboriginal people, refugees, underprivileged family’s, kids, animals and the environment.
I enjoy the scents, colors, and vibes of each destination I traveled to, either locally or abroad. Simple experiences like practicing Malay martial art silat in my country, picking cherries in Bentwood, collecting home-grown eggs from a Nepalese local farm, cooking Spanish tortilla in Barcelona, tailor-made my own saree in Agra, immersing a Finnish Sauna with my host family, learning how to select Arabic coffee beans in Doha local bazaars, fascinates me. My aimed destination that I aspire to explore at this point is South America, but after mastering some Spanish.

My aimed destination that I aspire to explore at this point is South America, but only after mastering some melodical Spanish.

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