Romanian Tours


Such a beautiful and appealing country, part of our everyday lives, it would have been impossible not to explore it and hear its stories just like we do it in the rest of our tours.

We lean towards itineraries that explore the eco-tourism, the exploration of true romanian nature, hiking and trekking in the mountains, even culinary experiences.
Usually our tours in Romania are for long weekends, for itineraries that involve an average of 4-5 hours per day of driving.

Our most requested tours are in Transylvania and we enjoy them, because here we can find most of the wonders of Romania – from fantastic landscapes to wild history and profound cultural heritage.

We also provide tailor-made tours for small groups. If you have some idea of the sites you want to visit or if you have no idea at all and you just feel free to explore, we can create customized itineraries according to your needs and curiosities.
Once a year we plan a big romanian tour, with a duration of up to two weeks, a tour that discovers the real Romania. This tour starts in the west part of the country, in Banat, then all the way through Crișana and Maramureș and Transylvania. It’s possible to extend this tour by including the wonderful Danube Delta and Bucharest for five more days.

Just feel free to contact us for any questions and explore our itineraries and stories in Romania.

Romanian tours

Hoinari prin cătunele din Valea Cernei

Haideți să călătorim în Valea Cernei și să ne bucurăm de explozia culorilor de toamnă în cea mai veche stațiune [...]

Cheile Râmețului – Hiking de o zi – 2019

Când vine vorba despre munţii Trascău, pentru mine e ca o chemare înapoi la orgini. Sate risipite, oameni simpli cu [...]

Tur Maramureș 2020

Ținutul Maramureșului deține o parte importantă a tradiției românești, cu o cultură rurală foarte puternică, care rareori poate fi regăsită [...]
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