Spain is the country where visitors are coming for a city break or just to soak up the sun on an island and, eventually, they come back for much more than that. The country has a high diversity of regions and cultural vibe from the bustling capital of Madrid to the charming cities of the south and from the high Pyrenees mountains to the sunny islands and scenic countryside.

There are differences between catalans, basques, galicians and the rest of the Spanish people in terms of language, culture, traditions, social attitudes and politics. But most of them have one important thing in common and that is the role of the family. The foundation of Spanish society is the community, and for Spanish the family ties, their love of children and care for the elderly, are very important. And this is why you’ll probably find the Spanish some of the warmest Europeans. The passions of Spain’s people can be seen in its daily routine – and what routine that is with great music, fine food and traditions that are so much related about celebrating all the good things in life.

Relaxed social gatherings in traditional tapas bars are at the heart of Spanish culture and lifestyle. But there is more than tapas when it comes to Spanish gastronomy. Seen as one of the most inspirational culinary cultures, Spain has some of the most innovative restaurants in Europe and you’ll understand why food and wine are national obsessions. Traditional recipes are well kept and handed down through the generations. Here is where you might have a culinary orgasm with some of the best food possible, especially in Basque country.

Explore the Moorish culture in a ancient atmosphere in Alhambra, admire the Gaudi architecture or Salvador Dali and Picasso’s masterpieces in Barcelona, visit the countryside and vineyards in Rioja, relax in the fishing village of Cadaques, go swim in the waters of Marbella, sunbath in the shining Tenerife, go surfing in Bilbao, drop in the ‘Running of the Bulls’ at Pamplona, or in ‘La Tomatina’ Festival at Buno, hike in Sierra Nevada and in Picos de Europa, let yourself touched by a Flamenco rhythm in Seville, enjoy some chipirones a la plancha in San Sebastian, have a scenic road trip around Santiago de Compostela. Spain has it all these and much more.

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