Yu Niimoto
Garlic Trail expert


I am a sport teacher in the junior high school in Osaka, Japan.

My life values got totally changed after I spent a few months in Africa. There I joined a volunteer program in a Masaai tribe village in Tanzania and I worked with children in the school. For many days I used to share stories, laugh and beautiful sunsets over the village with the locals. In all this time I learned to enjoy simple life with so little things. I could notice that enough is as good as a feast. Before leaving the village, I already felt like a local.

I also experienced less happy things, but probably, sometimes, they happen just to make us appreciate more others. Once, I got mugged and I have been stolen almost all of money when traveling in Tanzania. That day I bought one loaf of bread, which cost me 1 dollar and I ate it with every meal, little by little, to save money. Later, a  Muslim man felt pity for me, invited me in his house and treated me with a great dinner. He became my friend!

Besides Tanzania I experienced the African flavor in Kenya (with Ovidiu, whom I met previously in Arusha and we crossed the border together), I entered a vulcano crater in Sulawesi,  Indonesia, I dived with beautiful coral and fishes in Thailand, I wondered the cool streets of San Francisco, I got impressed by the Buddhist temples in South Korea, but as well by the beauty of Mount Fiji in Japan, my homeland.

I plan to travel to Western Africa, to learn how to play drums and how to step their dance. I truly miss the African vibe, I guess I left a part of me in there…

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