Norway is a country of a stunning natural beauty with fjords and glacier plateaus, with an incredible mountain backdrops that surely make it one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Aside from this natural scenery, there are its modern cities with green spaces and museums such Oslo or Tromsø, whilst smaller northern towns such as Alta and Kirkenes, even though situated at the edge of mainland Europe, they offer their particular history and culture. With the Arctic wilderness at their doorstep, is no wonder these places offer like fairy-tale sceneries, with husky sledding or cross-country skiing to a night in an ice igloo.

But the main reason for going to Norway is to chase and catch the splendor of Northern Lights, one of the most impressive wonders of nature. Senja, Norway’s second largest island, is perfect not just for spotting Aurora Borealis, but also to watch a dolphin, a whale or sea eagle in the fjord’s water.

Alta is where the first Northern Lights observatory was constructed in the 19th Century and you can go there not just to chase the lights, but as well to experience a night in an igloo hotel.

Kirkenes, located around 70 degrees north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of Russia, is known for fishing expeditions, snowmobile rides and, of course, a spot with good chances of seeing the lights.

There are also the Lofoten islands with a dramatic scenery surrounding fishing villages like Henningsvær and peaks mountains like the Svolværgeita in the background.

Even though Norway is one of the expensive countries in the world, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime destination that can offer you some of the best travel experiences possible.

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