This is a photo article by Georgiana Mazilu, a photographer and Garlic friend who joined our trip to the Lofoten Islands, in Norway last year. She is sharing some of the moments captured through her lenses on our 7-day trip to the Artic, while we were chasing the Aurora Borealis 🙂 .

When I decided to join Garlic Trail on a trip to the Lofoten Islands, it was because I wanted to have a glimpse at the Northern Lights. But, like much in life, it is not the highlights that make up for all one’s memories, and this can be easily said about this trip. For me, Lofoten Islands’ beauty comes from how scenic they looked in their tininess, and their beautifully connected, picturesque bridges. This makes for an absolute striking view, which, in turn, makes the drive there an absolute treat for your senses. As you enter the small villages, narrow streets blend in with a number of small shops, restaurants, and large, fish drying racks, all beautifully complemented by dozens of fishing boats parked all over the roads. This is a treat for any photographer.

There are an impressive number of beaches worth visiting in Lofoten, such as Haukland, Uttakleiv or Unstad, each with a unique appeal. Despite the low temperatures, we had a really good time running and fooling around the beautiful seashore. If I think about it, it was precisely this cold that powered us to be so active 🙂 . Talking about incredible energy, I remember this one day we met surfers on one of the beaches. Just looking at them, the blood froze in my veins. On another cold day, while strolling along the village, we saw an ice cream cart on the road. These could only happen in Lofoten, I said to myself.

I like to chase beautiful lighting, and during this trip, I tried to make the best out of all the good moments in a day for my compositions. The smashing lighting added an unexpected charm to the already dramatic landscapes, and, consequently, made the brutal wind and heavy snowing a lot more bearable.

The cozy cabin, the great ride and the amazing people around me, were the ingredients that made for an excellent trip. Watching the Aurora Borealis was just a bonus 🙂 .


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