For travelers searching for out-of-the-ordinary experiences, the sublime landscapes of Iceland with geysers, glaciers, and active volcanoes, are a true mecca. There, on a quiet night, one can gaze up the phenomenal dance in the sky of the green lady – Aurora Borealis.

Before getting to the land of ice and fire, I could only imagine Iceland as a country with empty, cold places, but at the end of a 9 days trip I was asking myself how come it has such a misnomer name. For me, Iceland is a truly exceptional place with an inspiring mix of majestic mountains, hidden hot springs, rugged fjords, and memorable hikes in the wilderness under the Midnight Sun. And yeah, there aren’t many countries where one can hike on a glacier and then bath in a hot spring that is in the middle of nowhere.

Not far from the charming and cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik, the classic touristic route of Golden Circle goes through Thingvellir National Park and brings you to an iconic large waterfall and the geysers. Then, the Ring Road along the south coast, offers a deep inside to the island’s empty spaces, with glaciers, volcanoes, vast lava fields, black sand beaches, wild birds, waterfalls and stunning fjords.

I didn’t have the chance to see the Northern Lights, neither enough time to go to Mývatn Lake, Kirkjufell Mountain, or Snæfellsnes Peninsula, other marvelous places of Iceland. This is why I’m already planning a new trip next year in October, when the land is still green and there are good chances to catch Aurora Borealis. This time, I won’t do it alone, so if you feel like joining in this trip to explore Iceland, feel free to approach me.


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